CASTIEL. | hi there!

welcome to my carrd. please use the images to the far right to navigate. <3

my hyperfixations:
♅ whoniverse!
♅ marvel/dc!
♅ bbc ghosts!
♅ red dwarf!

they/she. 18.
isfp-t. | 2w6. |♏︎
gad. | adhd-pi. | ptsd.

don't interact if you:
♗ apply to any basic dni criteria.
♗ support cringe culture.
♗ only want free art from me.
♗ are over 25.
♗ are under 13.




⌖ genshin impact.
⌖ minecraft.
⌖ pony town.
⌖ overwatch.


⌖ mathew baynton.
⌖ kurt cobain.
⌖ misha collins.
⌖ dave grohl.
⌖ krist novoselic.


⌖ dean winchester.
⌖ jack harkness.
⌖ ianto jones.
⌖ hiyoko saionji.
⌖ eridan ampora.
⌖ gabriel (spn).
⌖ toshiko sato.
⌖ newt geizler.
⌖ ryuko matoi.
⌖ kaoru seta.
⌖ foggy nelson.
⌖ kurt wagner.
⌖ hannibal lecter.
⌖ logan howlett.
⌖ erik lehnsherr.
⌖ baal/ei.
⌖ akiyama mizuki.
⌖ laszlo cravensworth.
⌖ the captain.
⌖ pat butcher.
⌖ julian fawcett.


⌖ dean x castiel.
⌖ jack x ianto.
⌖ adam x michael.
⌖ fuyuhiko x peko.
⌖ toko x komaru.
⌖ chiaki x ibuki.
⌖ ryuko x mako.
⌖ sonia x souda x gundham.
⌖ gabriel (spn) x sam x eileen.
⌖ feferi x sollux x aradia.
⌖ charles x erik.
⌖ hannibal x will.
⌖ mizuki x ena.
⌖ kanade x mafuyu.
⌖ nandor x guillermo.
⌖ eggsy x harry.
⌖ herbert x dan.
⌖ oswald x ed.




⌖ psychology
⌖ history.
⌖ angels.
⌖ musical theatre.


⌖ supernatural.
⌖ marvel.
⌖ dc.
⌖ genshin impact.
⌖ ghosts. (bbc.)
⌖ kingsman.
⌖ homestuck.
⌖ project sekai.
⌖ whoniverse.
⌖ hannibal.
⌖ sex education.
⌖ classic literature.
⌖ all saints street.
⌖ wwdits.
⌖ red dwarf.


⌖ nirvana.
⌖ mother mother.
⌖ will wood.
⌖ green day.
⌖ marina.
⌖ arctic monkeys.
⌖ bush.
⌖ black dresses.
⌖ gorillaz.
⌖ jack stauber.
⌖ the beatles.
⌖ lemon demon.
⌖ vocaloid.


okay w/ warning!

⌬ Needles (visual)
⌬ Yelling (auditory)
⌬ Slurs you can’t reclaim.
⌬ Politics
⌬ The name Meg
⌬ Calling me rude.
⌬ The song "Jubilee Line" by Wilbur Soot"
⌬ The song "...well, better than the alternative" by Will Wood
⌬ (Graphic) Description of pills and OD.
⌬ Car crashes.

do not mention!

⌬ Graphic (real) sexual content.
⌬ Graphic existentialism
⌬ Antisemitism.
⌬ The song “Riptide” by Vance Joy
⌬ Mention of abandoning me.
⌬ Su-cide, especially via OD.

before you follow.

i tend to type with proper grammar and punctuation. if I'm excited or in a rush, this might change a little! if i'm upset, i'll most likely type in lowercase without punctuation or anything. for aesthetics/design, I tend to type in all lowercase with punctuation!i use and usually need tone tags! my brain tends to jump to the worst possible outcomes, so i'd like to know what tone you're typing in. if we're super close, this isn't as important; i'll ask if i need you to clarify.i tend to use slurs i can reclaim (i'm gay, nd, and jewish), but if that makes you uncomfortable, i won't!while i am interested in darker things such as true crime, i do NOT romanticize or glorify the killers. i believe that that's immoral and insensitive.i tend to make jokes at my expense. this includes my trauma. i won't make these jokes around you if you're uncomfortable!i don't like texting first when i'm first talking to someone. i worry that i'm annoying them, so your best bet is to say "hi" first! i don't bite, i promise!with that being said, i'm not incredibly active on most of my social media (i tend to forget about some for a while, come back, and disappear again) aside from discord. however, i absolutely love making friends with people like me! if you'd like to chat, add me on discord! my user is @hydromaniaci love to vc. while i lean more towards the introverted side of things, i love to call with friends! i love to show my friends what i'm working on or share my hyperfixations and general interests with them. i also love it when my friends do the same for me!